Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Application

Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Application

Limited Apprenticeship Application

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A Limited Apprenticeship is an excellent opportunity for those who are curious about our industry, or who have not yet qualified for Apprenticeship. It gives applicants a chance to get some experience working in the trade. Many of our current Apprentices and Journey Mechanics began their career as a Limited Apprentice.

Limited Apprentices work on job sites and in shops, much like any other Apprentice. Their job duties are similar to those of any first-year Apprentice, but they are not required to attend school. The pay rate for a Limited Apprentice is slightly lower than that of a full Apprentice. It is an excellent opportunity to explore a career in the construction industry.

Many times a young applicant does not have enough experience in the work force to earn a full Apprenticeship. The Limited Apprenticeship is a chance to prove themselves, and help them decide whether or not this career is for them.

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