Sheet Metal Apprenticeship and Training

Excellence Through Education

Sheet Metal Apprenticeship and Training

Excellence Through Education

Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union #12 is committed to providing quality sheet metal apprenticeship training for all apprentices and journeypersons within our jurisdiction.

Through education and practical job-related training; Local #12 JATC provides its contractors with a productive, responsible, and skilled workforce that will take our industry confidently into the future.

Our Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Program

Earn While You Learn!

Our Apprenticeship program is designed for 5 years of training. Apprentices attend school periodically through the year, and the remainder of the time they work with journey mechanics to get experience and practice. Our program is at almost no cost to an individual who wishes to pursue a career in construction.

Continuing Education

Investing in Our Workers' Futures

The Sheet Metal Workers Union Local Union #12 continually invests in our workers’ futures through our Continuing Education Training Program. Our journeypersons are able to update their skills and knowledge by working with the newest technologies and tools available in the industry!

the benefits of a sheet metal apprenticeship

Upcoming Test Dates

March 30, 2024

About Local Union #12

We proudly train our Journey Mechanics and Apprentices to be the most highly skilled and motivated workers in the industry. Local #12 currently has just over 200 apprentices and 60 signatory contractors. All supervisors, superintendents, union officers, and many business owners started as an apprentice in our apprenticeship program.

Hands-on work, using different tools, and learning how to utilize and understand the technologies in this profession have given me a greater sense of achievement. I can drive or walk past a completed job I once worked on and take pride in the fact that I helped make that facility come together. I have
always taken pride in my work, but being a part of Local 12 has really helped drive that mindset
to a new level and has given me a stronger feeling of accomplishment.

Mike Porter, Local 12 Union Member

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